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Oceans of Hugs: Jean-Michel Cousteau

Ernie Brooks is such a talented artist who has been a great inspiration to me.  His breathtaking images transport us on an adventure of discovery while allowing one to take a step back in time, looking at the evolution of underwater photographer. I know that when people see and feel the beauty of the undersea world, they understand in a profound way, the need to take care of our water planet. Creative, optimistic, inspirational people are the force of a better future.  Ernie is that type of person and through his beautiful images, he has given us that sense of personal connection to do all that we can to be apart of a sustainable future. I always say, protect the ocean and you protect yourself.  Its a real honor to share much gratitude and appreciation for all that Ernie has given to our beautiful community of Santa Barbara and to our one and only water planet. Oceans of hugs to my good friend Ernie.

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