Personal Stories

Bob & Susanne Evans

It is our great honor to call Ernie Brooks a friend, a mentor, and to have his support of our projects from the time that Bob was a student at Brooks Institute of Photography through today. We can never forget our surprise when we learned that he dove with Force Fins for much of his underwater photographic career. We’re looking forward to together donating his pair to the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum concurrent with his photographic show there in November. Most recently he offered his time and energy, and filmed with us a video endorsement for our Aerohance GasPods project. 

There is no limit to his supportive nature. Whether it be for the children of our community, a past student or the future for all of us on the Ocean Planet, Earth.

What Ernie gives is an inspiration to be like him, and give of ourselves, in ways that we might emulate his generosity.

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