Tyrone Lanier

The story that Brian, our head master, told us about how Ernie just gave us the school was really touching to me. He told us about how ernie and Brian had made a deal to give Brian the school and shook hands on it. After that Ernie was getting offers for a lot more money than Brian was offering. Brian was very nervous about losing this amazing deal he had made with Ernie. BUT... even after all the money people were trying to give Ernie to give them the school, Ernie had made a promise, a deal, he shook Brian's hand. The fact that just a simple handshake meant so much to him that he promised to give Brian the school means so much. I am so grateful for ernie because without him, I wouldn't have met all these amazing people and come to this school. His promise to Brian really meant the world because he knew that SBMS would really do something for the world.

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