Kent Ferguson

Hello Ernie. We have never met yet clearly we have much in common. At my end I was the Headmaster of SBMS for 20 years. Before that Beloved Brian was my student (then my assistant teacher) and before that Beloved Whitney was my student (then my assistant teacher). I saw SBMS truly change over a thousand lives. I mean that. Including my own two children! You have done a wonderful thing which will allow a dream and vision to continue and to serve. Even as I write this I can tell you that SBMS is helping a very poor and very wonderful "sister school" out here in New Mexico where I now live. 7 pueblo children visited SBMS last year. SBMS teachers have helped out here, as have alumni. Come to SBMS in March to meet (march 6) Losang Samten, who was sent to the west by the XIVTH DALAI LAMA of Tibet. He will, again, make history by constructing a Tibetan Sand Mandala in the busy hallway of an American Junior High as it were. This school was meant and was born to cut a groove in American Education and it has, it does, and it will. YOU have ensured that.
Hey, unseen brother. I am 73 and old enough to call you that. You and your wife and your family have done a wonderful thing. Now If I can stop crying long enough to find the send button I shall hope you someday read this. No, not exactly read it. Feel it. I salute you both.

Christine Cowles